At a crossroads with your business?

11 December 2023

The Creative East team are very lucky to be working with such brilliant creative companies, and we have had such a breadth of different founders on the programme so far that it’s always such a varied experience. However, there are very common themes we see when we work with the businesses on the programme. The most common scenarios that founders are looking for help with are:

  1. Should we scale the business at all or is it ok to tick along as we have been doing?
  2. Should we broaden our offer or have a niche that we’re known for?
  3. Would investment work for us?

Luckily, the Creative East investment readiness programme can usually help out with all of those dilemmas and more.

As advisors, our team have lots of experience working with business founders on these questions, but the best thing about our programme is that loads of people can help get to the bottom of these issues. The 12-week masterclass and seminar programme covers a lot of this ground, but the additional value of our programme is businesses have access to a large, ever-growing pool of specialists, experts and professionals. 

Scaling a business that is currently working fine can be a scary prospect, it often means expanding a team, maybe investing in space and equipment and the need to grow the customer base. All of those things can be daunting, but with the help of one of our expert mentors, a founder can come up with a roadmap and strategy to make it seem less scary. Checking in with the team and experts along the way can also help founders stay on track with their plans.

A niche can be a great way to make a name for a business – especially if they are the only ones doing it or the competition is limited, but could a founder expand the business working within a niche area, or would widening the offering be a better strategy? This is something else that our sessions and expert mentors can work with founders on to try and work out the best way forward. By looking at what is currently offered and what the business could be offering customers, looking at its place in the business landscape and where the business would like to be, our team can work with founders to achieve their goals.

Investment can be a great way of scaling a business and enabling founders to achieve growth. Investors can bring more than just cash, they also bring contacts, knowledge and expertise that can really help a founder on their business journey. But is it the right thing for everyone? Along with the benefits, it brings extra responsibilities and accountability. Our programme pulls back the curtain on the investment world – one that can seem mysterious and impenetrable. We introduce investors to the cohorts right from the start, including an opportunity to pitch to investors towards the end of the programme. Having received a well-rounded understanding of how investment works, and what it can mean for a business, founders can make an informed decision as to whether it is the right move for them.

Many of our previous cohort businesses have come to us at a crossroads, not knowing quite which way to turn, but with the help of the programme, the advisor team, masterclasses, seminars and the pool of experts and specialists, they have been able to figure out where they want to be and how to get there.



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