Fairer Games

30 April 2024

Robin Milton, Founder of Fairer Games

About the participant

Robin Milton is the Founder of Fairer Games – a small games development studio based in Norwich. 

Robin was a participant of our first Creative East cohort in Norfolk, and had this to say about the programme…

Why did you sign up for Creative East?

“So I signed up for Creative East because I realised that I was very comfortable pitching the game that I was working on, but I wasn’t very good at separating the project that we were working on at the time from the business itself and how to advertise that to people that might want to get involved and the course very much helped me with that. 

What were your biggest challenges or uncertainties in your business at the time?

So, this wasn’t the first company that I’d been involved with starting up, but it was my first solo project and something that I knew I was really lacking was understanding how my business would appear to someone who would potentially invest in it, how to make it attractive or how to understand where my value really lied in the business. 

How has Creative East helped you with those challenges? 

So, Creative East really helped me with these because it gave me the opportunity to actually sit down with potential Angel investors and understand what they were looking for. It also gave me a great deal of practice in actually pitching my business. And it was really good to be able to be in a kind of class with other entrepreneurs that were creative, in industries that were really complimentary to games. So there’s an animation company, film, and marketing. It’s great to be connected with those people as well. 

In what way has the programme set you up for future business growth? 

So, in terms of where Fairer Games is going next. I would say that the programme has really increased my confidence in talking to potential investors. At the end of November, I’m going to Slush, which is a venture capital-focused event in Helsinki. And I know that I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to go there this time last year and the course has been a big part of that. So I’m really excited to see where that goes. 

What was your favourite thing about the programme? 

My favorite thing about the programme was having people who were in similar industries to mine gaining a perspective on games and me gaining perspective on their companies. Having their feedback when I was pitching and talking about my company was really valuable because they were able to pick up on things that I just wouldn’t or I’d gloss over. Or maybe you assume that someone knows what you’re on about, but the reality is that they are actually on a different kind of understanding of even key terminology. And that was so valuable and really hard to be able to replicate in another environment. So that was probably my favourite bit, just being really challenged by the people around me to be clearer and more accessible with how I was pitching my company.  

FAQ: Do I have to attend the entire 12 weeks? 

So my advice would be, if you’re thinking about signing up, it is a fair commitment. There’s a fair amount of time that you’re going to be putting into this, but there is a great deal of value that you get from it. Being able to attend the sessions in person and network with the people, they’re in a really informal way, as well as the guest speakers that come along and mentors that involved with it, it’s really, really valuable.  

What would you say to other business owners considering signing up for Creative East?

Another big thing that I’ve gained from this is when the masterclass is finished, I’ve actually really enjoyed taking advantage of the mentor pool. So, being able to find experts who can give me some of their time, which is funded through the programme has been fantastic.

So things like business planning, trademarking strategy, contracts and how to design them and how to kind of work with them. That has been really, really helpful for me and the trajectory of my business as well. So there’s a great deal of value, not even just in the in-person things. It’s like the follow-on support that you get from being a part of Creative East. 

So, thanks to Creative East, I’m now seriously considering investment for my business, whereas previously I did not think that was an option for me. “



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