SubMotion Productions

25 April 2024

Rachel Prendergast, Co-Founders of SubMotion Productions

About the participant

Rachel Prendergast is one of the Co-Founders of SubMotion Productions – a film and content production company based in Norfolk. They have created multiple award-winning films, documentaries and commercials, ensuring their core values of sustainability, authenticity, and creative storytelling are at the heart of every project.

Rachel was a participant of our first Creative East cohort in Norfolk and had this to say about the programme…

Why did you sign up for Creative East?

“I signed up for the Creative East programme because I really wanted to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge about business and how to scale my business from where we are now and take it to the next step.

What were your biggest challenges or uncertainties in your business at the time? 

When you have a small business, you have to wear an awful lot of different hats.; and I think that it really makes you aware of where the gaps are in your knowledge, in your business knowledge., I really noticed that I wanted to be able to scale my business, but I didn’t necessarily have the knowledge on the different types of investment that were available, what would be right for SubMotion, and also how to go about seeking out that investment and pitching my business in a really positive way. 

How has Creative East helped you with those challenges?

The Creative East programme has been amazing at teaching me the different types of investment that are out there and how to get my business ready to approach investors. And how to attend a meeting and have the right information to put forward to them and speak in a way that shows that I understand both the creative and the business side of my own company and what this looks like moving forward.


What would you say to other business owners considering signing up for Creative East?


I think if you are thinking about joining the Creative East programme, but you’re not really sure. You don’t really have anything to lose, is my personal opinion, because you can’t know everything about everything when it comes to business, there’s always more to learn, and that might be from the people that are doing the seminars, the course leaders, it might be from the peers that you’re actually on the programme with. 

I think if you decide to sign up, it’s showing up, it’s making friends, talking to people, learning about your peers’ businesses and really just taking from it as much as you can. I really felt that I was going back to school, and I was a sponge for all this knowledge. It would really elevate your business. and make you feel so confident about talking about your business moving forward.  


Thanks to Creative East, I’ve been able to put together a really well-thought-through and considered pitch for investment into SubMotion. We’re looking for investment for us as a business to develop our slate and also into our first feature film project, which we’re going into development as we speak. 

I’ve since had investment meetings where I’ve been able to pitch our ideas. With real authenticity, passion, and confidence about where we’re going. And I do not think I would have been able to do that without having done the Creative East programme.”



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