Autumn 2024 Cohort

Our mission is to connect creative businesses with the resources, experts, and knowledge they need to grow.

Join us at the Peterborough campus of Anglia Ruskin University in the Autumn of 2024 for a 12-week programme of workshops for local businesses. Benefit from exclusive access to industry leaders, sought-after advice, and tailored guidance – all for free.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We’re proud to run this fully funded, no-strings-attached programme with the sole aim of empowering creative businesses to strive for investment opportunities.

Make sure to submit your application before September.

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CE Team and Sally Goodsell

This session gives an overview of the Creative East Programme, how it works, what to expect and what is on offer to businesses on the programme. It also offers an overview of investment readiness as a concept. Raising investment, what types of investment there are, the types of investors and what they are looking for and what to expect from taking on investment. The session will give an overview of what founders need in order to have an investable business.

Simon Hopkins, Founder, Angel Academe

This masterclass will focus on planning your pitch, what to include and the different ways to deliver a pitch.  Simon has a wealth of experience in both pitching himself, and making investment decisions on the back of seeing 1000’s of pitches.  From that wealth of experience Simon will give insights into the “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” or rather the lessons learned and good practices when pitching.

Simon Hopkins has worked for over 20 years in the entertainment industry. He co-founded Angel Academe, a fast-growing angel network, in 2014.

Sally Goodsell, Anglia Capital Group

From angels to investment funds, this session looks at how to prepare for investment, the types of documents you’ll need, the way to present them and your business to investors and funds. Explaining key elements such as share structures, CAP tables, dilution and valuation, this session is a step-by-step guide from start to finish on what to expect from the investment process.

Sally Goodsell has been investing in, mentoring and coaching ambitious early-stage companies for over 30 years. She is currently a director of Anglia Capital Group, a business angel group based in East Anglia.

Tom Haczewski, The User Story

This workshop delves into the core principles of what constitutes a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the strategic mindset necessary to develop it effectively. Participants will learn about the test-and-learn approach, which emphasizes iterative testing and learning to refine product offerings.

Meeta Thareja, MetaValue Limited

This masterclass is an interactive session that will demystify a Business Strategy and Plan. It will look at the purpose of a strategy that feeds into the Business Plan, the key components of a good Business Plan, the important points to consider, and how to write one that stands out and shows your own unique creative expression.

Meeta Thareja is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of international experience. She is a well-established business mentor for start-ups and SMEs in the UK.

Suzanne Alizart, Creative Business Affairs Consultant

This session covers all aspects of business affairs for creative industry companies. Matching the right money to the right idea is key to success. This session will look at what different types of funding means for your idea, and how to strike the right deal. We will discuss possible deal configurations, the range of assets financiers are interested in, and the key questions you need to ask to make sure you are having the right conversation before signing the all-important contract.

Suzanne Alizart is a professional intellectual property business affairs manager with over a decade’s experience in the creative industries. She has worked in feature films, policy development, professional services and academic environments and brings a wealth of perspectives to thorny problems.

Chris Filip

This session will provide participants with an understanding of the different types of funding there is available and how all the different ways of funding can fit together. How other forms of funding fit in with growth plans and equity investment, what support is available for growth plans, understanding the link between investment and skills development, and how to make your funding applications successful.

Chris Filip has a background in games and interactive, with his most recent few years focusing on helping out companies and freelancers in film, TV, animation and VFX. Throughout his career, Chris has worked for Ubisoft, set up Game Anglia, been a Programme Manager for Creative UK (formerly Creative England) and the BFI.

John Marshall

This masterclass gives an overview of identifying international opportunities for your business. It will give participants the tools to enable them to identify international markets and how to access them. Businesses will come away with the skills to create an international strategy, including how to access support and funding to enable businesses to expand to international markets.

John Marshall is an International Trade Adviser for the UK’s Department of Business and Trade, as a specialist in Creative Industries and Digital Media. His role is to help British companies work internationally, through strategic advice, market intelligence and, sometimes, grant funding. He also has a special interest in companies with high growth potential John has spent a career working in and around the media, as a press journalist, documentary writer and producer for UK and international broadcasters (based London), as an international war correspondent (based Geneva), as Secretary General of the European Union’s documentary film support agency (based Copenhagen).

Christina O Brien, Mills and Reeve

This masterclass takes an in-depth look at the legal documentation companies need to be aware of when taking on investment and funding. From shareholders agreements to investment agreements, we explain what documents are needed, what they are for and what to look out for.

Christina O Brien is a principal associate in the corporate team specialising in corporate transactions and investments (whether that be venture capital or private equity).

Cheryl Anderson

This masterclass looks at the type of tax breaks there are for your businesses and how to build them into your finance plan.

It also covers the types of tax relief that investors can get from investing in your business, and what tax incentives are available for creative businesses. The session looks at Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Enterprise Investment Scheme and how you can make your business more attractive to investors by using these schemes.

Saffrey Champness are a top media accountancy firm working across many sectors of the media.

Jonathan Goodacre, Keltie

This workshop offers an in-depth look at various intellectual property (IP) strategies and their importance in protecting and leveraging creative and innovative assets. Participants will gain insights into key IP considerations and best practices for managing and safeguarding their intellectual property.

Mark Sowersby, Shorthose Russell

This masterclass looks at how to achieve your marketing goals and the importance of marketing strategies for businesses. What is important to include, how to tailor the strategy to your needs and how to maximise your business’ impact through marketing.

Shorthose Russell has grown to become multi award-winners and are recognised as one of the most-respected marketing and communications agencies in the Eastern region. Working regionally, nationally, and internationally across multiple sectors, we help businesses navigate the complex world of modern marketing, with genuine expertise across digital, design and communications disciplines. Paul helps clients build clear online marketing strategies that incorporate a wide range of channels and techniques, including SEO, PPC, CRO and social media.

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